Can a Pilates Reformer Machine Help You Lose Weight?

I have this friend of mine who is always on the lookout for the latest in weight loss regimens. From diet fads to so-called ‘miracle’ weight loss pills, nothing seemed to work. There are even manufacturers of Pilates reformer machines who will sell you the idea that several sessions on their equipment can already spell a more pleasing, sexier body. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way. And while you can go shopping for the best pilates machine to help losing weight, you really need to understand that this machine is not your only ticket to having more favourable numbers on your bathroom scale. Rather, it is part of a more comprehensive weight loss strategy.

The thing about losing weight is that you have to tip the balance between energy consumption and energy expenditure more towards the latter.

Think about it. If you eat more than what you spend in the form of energy or calories, then you will still have a net gain of such calories. These calories can be stored in the body and lead to an increase in body weight. This is quite an oversimplification of the process, I have to admit. But, I hope I am able to drive home the point that, while Pilates moves on a mat or on a reformer machine can help you lose weight, if you don’t change your attitude towards food, then you really cannot expect to see any desirable change in your bathroom weighing scale’s numbers.

Pilates reformer machines can help us tone and strengthen our muscles which is essential in weight loss efforts. Muscles are more prolific at the use of calories or energy such that they will still be using these calories several hours after finishing our exercise regimen. Unfortunately, if we take in more calories than what is absolutely necessary, then we run the risk of converting these calories into fats.

A study in 2005 suggested that folks practising Pilates on an ordinary Pilates mat usually burn about 4 calories on average every minute. This is for those who are just beginning in their Pilates. If you were to practise Pilates for a full hour on a Pilates mat, you’re burning 240 calories.

Pilates practitioners in the intermediate to advanced classes can burn up to twice the number of calories utilised by newbies on a per-minute basis. As such, advanced Pilates practitioners can expect to burn about 480 calories per hour. This is almost the same as jogging for about 45 minutes at a speed of 8 KPH or about 7.5 minutes per kilometre.

Using a Pilates reformer machine will perhaps net you a slightly higher calorie expenditure, but there are currently no verifiable data that can give us the exact figures. Let us just say it’s 10 calories per minute for advanced Pilates practitioners. That means, we’re burning 600 calories per hour on a Pilates reformer machine.

Given that we need to spend 3,500 calories to lose a pound or roughly 0.45 kilogrammes, we have to perform daily Pilates reformer exercises at a minimum of 1 hour each day for 6 days just to shave a pound off our weight.

Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Drums

drumPlaying drums is sure to be great fun. But little did we know that it brings a lot of positive effects to a person’s health and well-being as well especially when practiced regularly. With or without any skills in drumming, this hobby can be enhanced further through music education. There are actually plenty of schools to choose from one of which is getting great drum lessons studio in Melbourne. It is truly surprising that drumming is not only a form of entertainment but also a way to boost good health. Below are just some of the lesser known benefits that would make anyone decide to take drumming lessons as soon as possible:

Drumming Reduces Stress

The mere act of trying to hit something is an effective stress reducer in itself plus the fact that good drumming skills can produce a certain musical sound which is believed to reduce blood pressure and stress hormone production. Studies suggested that those people who are musically inclined tend to suffer from lesser stress and mood swings. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress can no longer be avoided. It can only be reduced in different ways such of that of playing drums. Hence, taking lessons with a drum teacher is a great way to start reducing stress.

Drumming Promotes Relaxation

Drumming is a highly engaging physical activity that can take your mind away from a negative thought to help you improve your mood. Moreover, drum beats and the act of hitting at something helps in releasing a person’s inhibitions which may also be beneficial to boost his self-esteem and improve his sense of self-worth. Despite the loud noise that drums are known to produce, it has been proven to be helpful in meditation and enhance the overall mental health of a person as it encourages one to focus more on the sound rather than the distractions around him.

Drumming is Linked to Lesser Chronic Pains

Playing drums helps the body release Endorphins – a chemical similar to morphin that elevates the pain tolerance of a person. Drumming can also serve as a natural mind blocker to mild bodily pains which can help to avoid taking in pain relievers that may have ill effects in the long run. This natural body pain killers are also believed to have longer lasting effects compared the ones bought in pharmacies. Some people play drums to alter their attention from pain. As a result, individual tends to forget that body pain and focus on entertaining oneself with pleasant music.

Drumming Boosts the Immune System

Stress is the leading cause of some of the most fatal illnesses such as pneumonia and cancer. Given the fact that drumming reduces stress by promoting relaxation and over all well-being, the immune system is said to function properly as a person’s stress level is dramatically reduced with each session. The proper functioning of the immune system brings the body to wellness allowing the individual to perform his or her daily tasks normally. As we all know, illness and sickness bring paralysis to our day-to-day routine making us unproductive.

Drumming is a Great Form of Exercise

Playing the drums involves a lot of constant hitting and an ample force to achieve a certain musical sound. Hence, it could be considered an excellent way to keep your limbs, arms, shoulders, and fingers working harmoniously. Playing the drums for long periods of time is said to improve overall upper body strength and increase muscle mass. Continued drumming may also help a person reduce excess weight in the most non-boring way possible. No wonder most of the famous drummers looks leaner and much fitter than the other musicians. Indeed, drumming is a good regimen for overweight individuals.

Drumming Improves Neurological Conditions

Someone who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder may benefit from taking drum lessons as it has been touted to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. According to neurologists, the music that the drums can produce is believed to help patients alleviate some of the symptoms of their underlying neurological conditions and it has greatly helped them in maintaining normalcy in their daily lives.

The health of benefits of drumming can bring a big change in life. Whether young or old, drum lessons are for everyone.

Exercise everyday people!

People ask me, should we exercise everyday? As a health conscious person, my answer is YES. What the hell are you talking about? That’s not even a question. It’s a mandatory. I’ve talked about beauty in previous posts so we will talk about exercise now. I found pretty good article about simple exercise here. Also you can check out the video below for simple training exercise. Summer is coming, depending on where you are at the moment so it’s a good time to get fit.