Football game that turned into a nightmare

My cousin, Mark, was in Melbourne for a vacation with my family. He was here for more than 15 days, just to enjoy all the sports activities and adventures life of the place. It was his third day in Melbourne, Australia, that day we decided to go for a session of a football game (I know I am a girl but I enjoy football too. LOL!) with all our family members in Middle Park. When we entered into the main area of the ground, our hired coach had been waiting for us. He was there to help us understand the game and to make us little warmed up for the game.

The warm up session was nice; we enjoyed it a lot. Then we started the real game, after some time I started feeling pain in my left knee, this is a problem I had for like a few years. But I ignored it, as I was busy making a goal for my family against the local college team, who were playing against us. But right after I gave a hard kick to the ball, I felt an electric shock on my left knee, and I only fell on the ground and I was totally helpless. The physiotherapist came and soon he saw me lying on the ground helplessly.

I was soon taken to his Middle Park physiotherapy clinic as he felt that the problem was more severe than it was appearing. I was in a lot of pain, so he quickly had a check with my left knee and gave me a pill, which gave me an instant relief from my unbearable pain. He even did an x-ray of my knee, to check out exactly where was the problem lying. After the report had come, he told that my joint is getting weak; this is the reason that hard kick of football was unbearable to me.

He suggested me one week of physiotherapy sessions with medication as well. I was lucky that the issue was not so severe, so I continued the physiotherapy with him at his practice. I visited his clinic every day for two hours, and he used to do the physiotherapy with my both the knees and gave me medicine for the day. Within a few days, I started feeling better and by the last day, my knees were feeling better and finally he gave me a thumbs up to my healthy knees and gave some more medicine for one more week. Now I feel simply great about the physiotherapy session that I had and could not wait to go out and enjoy another football game! I should ask Mark to come down again here and join me next time.

After my last ingrown nails surgery, I hope 2015 would be better for me.